The eBank Value Proposition Framework

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The eBank Value Proposition Framework

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I have recently published a framework myself and a team of colleagues built a few years ago focusing on how community financial institutions could and should leverage financial services technologies to go toe to toe with the big boys in the online banking and eBank User Experience space.

Moses eBank FrameworkI enjoy reviewing past work during planned review and strategy cycles to see if predictions and analyses previous made holds water over time. This particular study focused on what we affectionately referred to as The 7 eBank Commandments as, in our attempt at creative branding, we were known to chuckle in our war room a time or two, imagining Moses coming down Mount Sinai and sheepishly realizing he had lost a few commandments along the way.

At a high level, the 7 eBank Commandments we documented and worked to rationalize in this framework are:

  1. Listen to me & Respond accordingly,
  2. Personal Touch,
  3. Seamless Assistance with my Banking Needs,
  4. Banking my way,
  5. Tools to better manage my money,
  6. Social Networking &
  7. Viral Marketing

If you’d care to read the framework in more depth, you can access it via my SlideShare Account which I have embedded within this article right here:

What did we miss? What would you add? Feel free to offer any thoughts and/or feedback on this study. Financial technology evolves quickly and this sort of exercise can feel like nailing jello to the wall but too, I learned from an important mentor in my career, Nick Pflumm, that the relationships and trust built with customers are the most important asset of any financial institution. Well executed technology will always simply enhance those relationships; not replace them.

Poseso… Tony

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