Network Design and Implementation

At Consulting, LLC, we focus on leveraging IT products and services that businesses of all sizes need to thrive and succeed. Whether you are moving to a new location or just starting up, we will be there to ensure your business has the equipment, connectivity and security required to position you for success.

IT Infrastructure Design & Implementation

After reviewing specifics about your day-to-day workflows and physical details of your site or multiple locations, we design and implement network infrastructures that offer the perfect blend of speed, reliability and scalability.

Infrastructure Deployment

computer-monitorOnce designed, we develop a project plan to be worked that has a destination of excellence and flexibility. We take into account common and not-so-common variables when it comes to infrastructure deployments and review these with you.

Hardware Deployment and Setup

harddriveCoordination of distribution and equipment installation is a key element often not prioritized correctly during IT Infrastructure deployments. With our in-depth forecasting experience, we are easily able to react to changes or variations that take place during the process.

Multi-Vendor Liason

archety-target-iconHave multiple key players providing services to you during your implementation? We can directly interact with your other vendors being used for a smooth, no hassle process.

IT Infrastructure Expansion and Mobile Office Integration

Looking to be able to operate securely from anywhere in the world, just as if you were in your office in front of your computer? We have a wide array of flexible options for every budget to make this happen. If you are expanding and simply need additional workstations or are looking to open up a new office and migrate key pieces of equipment, look to us for help.

IT Equipment Expansions and Upgrades

When coordinating IT upgrades, pieces of the puzzle need to fall directly into place for success. By working with us, all the hassle and confusion is removed, providing a simple dashboard approach for status updates and other project dependancies.

Satellite Office Additions

We help you find the balance of performance and efficiency needed when operating in a virtual or satellite office location. We also approach security very carefully, and apply the highest level of security for each application with the industry vertical required standards.


Full or partial network and equipment relocations are treated with careful planning for minimized downtime with off-hours operations available.